Favorite Google Searches People Used To Find My Blog

The searches that are bolded are the ones that gave me a good laugh

  • superman weight gain
  • spider-man one moment in time angry fans
  • sexextreme
  • eating and talking
  • bigger turd than you can imagine… movie
  • painful comics blog
  • marvel sex
  • sdrdrtf
  • batman and robin will never die
  • thunderbolts rape marvel
  • how bendis is ruining marvel
  • geoff johns bad writer
  • extreme violent comic sex
  • steaming turd
  • one moment in time mess quesada sucks
  • has jeff loeb ever written anything good
  • batman weight gain
  • adam west batman wtf
  • robot turd
  • wonder woman ass
  • brightest day fantastic four #1
  • spiderman stopped by fat guy
  • drunk batman




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