What I’ve Been Reading: Avengers Edition

12 07 2010

Avengers: Red Zone by Geoff Johns, Olivier Coipel, and Andy Lanning

Hey! What are the Avengers doing? They’re not eating or talking about nothing important! Instead they’re trying to prevent this virus from killing people! I don’t know if I’m comfortable with these Avengers… they’re not eating, so how on earth are they getting their energy? Oh no! They’re not saying any of their played-out funny jokes! Also, there is too little decompression. Too much is happening. I’m gonna go re-read my copy of New Avengers where they’re eating hamburgers to cleanse my mind.

*End sarcasm here*

Avengers Forever by Kurt Busiek, Carlos Pacheco, and Jesus Merino

If you like epic time travel stories then pick this up. Also if you’re a fan of good Avengers stories pick it up as well. I’m only on issue#4, but so far I’m really enjoying it. The art is great and adds an energy to the story. This definitely reads like a Busiek Avengers story, which is not a bad thing at all. Also when the team of Avengers in this story was assembled at the end of issue#1 I was uncertain about if I’d like the team, but as I said earlier I’m only on #4 and I really like the team in this story. Trust me this is a good story. I like Songbird.

Reading these Avengers stories makes Bendis’ Avengers look like a joke. Actually, his Avengers ARE a joke no matter what, but his books sell so they gotta be good right? If you’re as disappointed and embarrassed with Bendis’ Avengers and New Avengers as I am then do yourself a favor and pick these up.


My Two Cents: Old Man Logan 2, Ultimate Thor, and the end of Brand New Day

11 07 2010

All of the following topics I’m about to ramble about were found at Bleedingcool.com. The links to these articles can be found if you click here, here, and here.

Old Man Logan. What can you say about it? Well, it was a top-selling book by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven and was also nominated for an Eisner award. It must be good right? I read it several months ago and was disappointed. Actually saying it was a disappointment is me being nice. I could go through everything that I didn’t like about the story (which was pretty much the whole thing), but that would take too long and frankly I’m sick of talking about Old Man Logan.

So now I’m sure you can imagine what I felt when Joe Quesada (Marvel’s Editor-In-Cheif for those who don’t know) pretty much gave Millar the green light to write Old Man Logan 2. All that Old Man Logan consisted of was never-ending mindless violence, misogyny, lazy story-telling and editing, boring art, and a story you can read in the time it takes to walk your dog. This is why the industry hasn’t jumped forward much. Let’s face it. The countless movies haven’t done much to increase the books sales by a huge amount, or at least for a lasting amount of time. I don’t want every comic book to be something that I could’ve written with a 12-year old kid or something that reads like a daydream somebody had. If you like this kind of stuff then by all means continue to enjoy it. I will never belittle anyone just because they liked something I didn’t like. In fact I know some people who liked Old Man Logan.

Let us move on to more happier topics:

Evidently at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con, writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Carlos Pacheco will be announcing a project for the Ultimate Marvel line that’s scheduled to come out in October. That book is Ultimate Thor. I have never met a Jonathan Hickman book I haven’t liked (i.e. Nightly News, Red Mass for Mars, Shield, Fantastic Four, and Secret Warriors). I am excited for this, but if it’s $3.99 for 22 pages of art chances are I won’t buy it and will wait for it at a used bookstore. Hopefully Carlos Pacheco can draw the art on par with the art in Avengers Forever.

Just one queston to throw out there: Where is Red Mass for Mars#4 Mr. Hickman?

Onto the final topic:

After 101 issues after One More Day, Brand New Day will be ending. I thought BND ended when the logo for it came off of the Amazing Spider-Man issues, but whatever. It will also end it’s 3+ times a month schedule and it has been reported that Dan Slott will take over as the main writer of the book, which I would approve of in a heartbeat. I’m hoping that with this new beginning of the Spider-Man universe will restore the character to the one that I grew up with and love. Dan Slott has my faith and trust to do just so.

Feel free to contribute to the discusion by leaving a comment! I look forward to them! Hopefully next time I’ll have something to talk about other than Marvel 🙂