A Quick Update (Jeez, When Am I Gonna Upload My Next Podcast?)

29 01 2011

So as many of you guys may know I haven’t been updating my blog very often. I also have been giving promises of my next podcast being uploaded soon for a few weeks now. I hate giving excuses but school has been keeping me VERY busy because I had finals and am still recovering from them as I type. However the 2nd episode of my podcast WILL BE UPLOADED NEXT WEEKEND.

I have been considering doing the podcast monthly and doing more writing for my blog since I seem to enjoy writing more. Doesn’t mean I will drop the podcast altogether, it just means it won’t be coming out as frequently as I thought it would be and to give me more breathing room as far as my schedule goes. I was also planning to make a comic of my own but that won’t be happening soon again due to my crazy schedule. When I say ‘soon’ I mean it won’t be happening for a couple months or so. Maybe it’ll be out sooner, who knows? Only time will tell 🙂

I will also be doing more blog posts since you folks seem to dig that. I’ll be doing posts for new comic fans, casual comic fans, and die hard fans. I want to spread my love of the comic industry to as many people as possible and I want to have people realize that comics aren’t as “nerdy” as people seem to think they are. And if you guys know anyone who thinks comics are dumb give them a copy of Maus, Pride of Baghdad, and/or Blankets and tell them to SHUT UP. Seriously.

So… yeah. That’s that. Expect more posts and crap like that. Leave a comment below and give suggestions about what I should do to make this blog a better place for everyone to discuss comics and all things pop culture. Everyone is welcome 🙂


It’s been one of those weekends…

18 07 2010

Cover for Ultimate Spider-Man#1. Art by David LaFuente

Hey guys! Forgive me for no new posts yesterday. I had to go to a birthday party and as soon as I got back the power in my house went out due to a thunderstorm. But it’s just been one of those weekends where I’ve been really tired and with SDCC coming up and all the news that will be released there I don’t want to burn myself out too soon. Expect a lot of new posts on this blog during this week. Thanks for reading and for your patience! Stay tuned!

Another Apology

27 06 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts these past couple of days, folks, but some personal commitments got in the way of me updating my blog and for that I apologize. (The thunderstorms didn’t help either). Expect some new posts coming up soon!

Please Forgive Me!!!

21 06 2010

Please forgive me for the month-long hiatus on this blog. My sincerest apologies for that. Real life caught up with me and I was super busy because of that, but now I’m on summer vacation (whoo-hoo!) so expect something new every day now, if my life permits it 🙂 Stay tuned for new posts and I hope you guys enjoy them!

Welcome to my new blog!!!

11 05 2010

Hey guys it’s comicbookdude89 AKA ItsJustSomeRandomGeek! I moved my blog yet again! Hopefully this time I’m here to stay. No more moving around and no more long stretches of time with no new blog posts. Unfortunately I won’t do as many reviews as I used to do because those were time consuming and I wasn’t able to finish them most of the time. In place of the reviews are going to be a series of blog posts which will be coming shortly. There will also be special, “one-shot” posts which will not be part of any of the series of blog posts.

I am excited to see how far this blog will go and I look forward to your feedback and comments as they come! Thanks for reading and stay tuned!