A Quick Update (Jeez, When Am I Gonna Upload My Next Podcast?)

29 01 2011

So as many of you guys may know I haven’t been updating my blog very often. I also have been giving promises of my next podcast being uploaded soon for a few weeks now. I hate giving excuses but school has been keeping me VERY busy because I had finals and am still recovering from them as I type. However the 2nd episode of my podcast WILL BE UPLOADED NEXT WEEKEND.

I have been considering doing the podcast monthly and doing more writing for my blog since I seem to enjoy writing more. Doesn’t mean I will drop the podcast altogether, it just means it won’t be coming out as frequently as I thought it would be and to give me more breathing room as far as my schedule goes. I was also planning to make a comic of my own but that won’t be happening soon again due to my crazy schedule. When I say ‘soon’ I mean it won’t be happening for a couple months or so. Maybe it’ll be out sooner, who knows? Only time will tell 🙂

I will also be doing more blog posts since you folks seem to dig that. I’ll be doing posts for new comic fans, casual comic fans, and die hard fans. I want to spread my love of the comic industry to as many people as possible and I want to have people realize that comics aren’t as “nerdy” as people seem to think they are. And if you guys know anyone who thinks comics are dumb give them a copy of Maus, Pride of Baghdad, and/or Blankets and tell them to SHUT UP. Seriously.

So… yeah. That’s that. Expect more posts and crap like that. Leave a comment below and give suggestions about what I should do to make this blog a better place for everyone to discuss comics and all things pop culture. Everyone is welcome 🙂




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