Fantastic Four#587 REVIEW (A Farewell To A Good Friend)

30 01 2011

Cover by Alan Davis

Fantastic Four#587

Written by: Jonathan Hickman

Drawn by: Steve Epting

Inks by: Rick Magyar, Mike Perkins, and Steve Epting

Colors by: Paul Mounts

Page Count: 28

Price: $3.99

Publisher: Marvel Comics


So here we have it. The Fantastic Four ‘death’ issue Marvel has been hyping for about six months now. I only read the first part of this story arc, “Three” and then I dropped it since I wanted to save money. After reading this issue I really wish I had kept reading FF because I was LOST. Reed Richards was in Nu-World fighting Galactus, Sue Richards was with Namor, etc. Basically the FF and Reed and Sue’s kids are scattered across the universe and I have no clue what’s going on. I think I would’ve enjoyed this more had I read the issues that came out beforehand.

All that aside I actually enjoyed this issue. It keep things moving and everything led up to the final scene. I am a big fan of Jonathan Hickman’s work and while this isn’t as deep or mature as some of his other works have been it still keeps the entertainment quality that is present in his previous work. It’s fairly evident in this issue and the issues I bought when Hickman first started his run on Fantastic Four that he understands the family PERFECTLY. There is not one moment in his run where I’ve questioned the character’s motives or if they would have done that. I LOVE how Hickman portrays Franklin and Valeria, Reed and Sue Richards’ kids. Their little rascals who get bored easy and cause a bunch of trouble, but also are a big help when need be. Again the story was confusing to me, probably due to the fact that I haven’t read a few of the issues before this one. Also there were a lot of splash pages in this story which I think is a lazy way of reaching your deadline on time. Splash pages are used for EFFECT and NOT for REACHING YOUR DEADLINE ON TIME.

There also were a lot of pages with little to no dialogue, but towards the end Hickman uses these types of pages EFFECTIVELY. HERE’S WHERE THE SPOILERS COME IN. The page I’m talking about is the pages where The Thing watches as Annihulus’ army surrounds Johnny Storm as the door closes on him as The Thing sheds a tear. The last page is The Thing holding Franklin and Valeria in his arms. Those kinds of pages with little to no dialogue are what they should be used for. I also love how Sue Storm puts Namor in his place during this issue 🙂

I’m not a huge fan of Steve Epting, I liked his art on Captain America, but for all intents and purposes the art didn’t really enhance nor let down this issue. It didn’t help that there were THREE INKERS on the book, one of them being Epting himself. The art does look inconsistent in certain places of the book, again because of the different inkers.

So with this issue we say good-bye to Johnny Storm AKA the Human Torch. He has always been my favorite member of the FF. I loved his coolness he had about him and the light-heartedness he brought to the team and I ALWAYS enjoyed it when he and the Thing would argue and fight, see Marvel Fanfare#15 for a GREAT example of this 🙂 I even remember my dad handing me his Human Torch action figure for me to play with and I remember my uncle pretending that the action figure was actually on fire and was burning him, as he doused the toy with water.

So good-bye Human Torch… we’ll see you in about six months to a year 🙂



Back Issue Comic Book Review: Fantastic Four#236

14 07 2010

Art by John Byrne

Fantastic Four#236  

Story and Art by: John Byrne  

Cover price: $1 (I bought my copy for $2.10)  

This is one of those rare books that just completely goes over your head, but when you finally read it you go, “Wow, why didn’t I read this before?!?” If I say this issue for sale at a used bookstore I wouldn’t give it a thought. About a month ago my dad bought a Hardcover called “The best of Fantastic Four” and this issue was in it. To me this issue felt like my experience reading Captain Britain and MI13 and Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. This was a story that I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. After reading this I want to hunt down all of John Byrne’s FF issues.  

Anyway let’s get into the story. On the cover they say it’s a triple-sized issue and they mean it. This is a true anniversary issue and a true triple-sized comic. No reprinted material. No wiki-padding. None of that crap you don’t want. It was all original story and art. The main story is 2/3 of the issue. What I loved about the main story is that it was totally original and when you think it’s going one way, bam, it goes the other way. It was a fresh new challenge for the FF and how they get out of it made perfect sense and how they defeated the bad guy was awesome and kind of funny. The art adds a whole new layer of greatness to the story as well and really works well with the story.  

After the main story there is a small back-up feature based on the 1978 Fantastic Four cartoon episode The FF Meet Dr.Doom. I grew up with this cartoon as a kid and LOVED it. My dad would buy the video tapes where some episodes of the show would be featured in and I enjoyed every minute of that cartoon. So, you can imagine how excited and surprised I was when I got to the first page of this back-up story. Overall it was good, but there were a couple of downsides for me. They didn’t include my favorite part of that episode where The Thing kicks sand in the pirates’ faces when Herbie tells him not to. Also the story was too quick for me. It went by way too fast.  

This is a great issue of FF that I highly recommend to anyone. It’s what comic books should be. Great story, great art, and worth your money. To me Byrne’s FF run is under appreciated compared to his run on X-Men. Both runs are awesome, but I wish more people would recognize his FF work.  

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment! I look forward to them!  

To watch that clip of the FF cartoon I was talking about look below this sentence:  

The timing in the video of the clip is: 0:46-1:00

Cover of the Day

13 07 2010

Art by Jack Kirby

Cover of the Day

24 06 2010

Art by John Byrne

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14 05 2010

Artwork by John Bryne

Cover of the Day

12 05 2010

Artwork by Art Adams