Top 25 Selling Comic Books of June 2010! YAY or NAY?

15 07 2010

“I KNEW I shouldn’t have read Mark Millar’s Kick-Ass…”


So let’s take a look at what comic book fans today like: 

  1.   New Avengers#1
  2.   Batman#700
  3.   Avengers#2
  4.   Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne#3
  5.   Green Lantern#55
  6.   Brightest Day#3
  7.   Brightest Day#4
  8.   Secret Avengers#2
  9.   Uncanny X-Men#525
  10.   Avengers Prime#1
  11.   Flash#3
  12.   Superman#700
  13.   Green Lantern Corps#49
  14.   X-Men Legacy#237
  15.   Justice League of America#46
  16.   Amazing Spider-Man#634
  17.   Amazing Spider-Man#633
  18.   Captain America#606
  19.   Astonishing X-Men#34
  20.   Thor#611
  21.   Amazing Spider-Man#635
  22.   Green Arrow#1
  23.   New Mutants#14
  24.   Wonder Woman#600
  25.   Captain America#607

Out of all these books on that list I only bought 2 of them: Batman and Wonder Woman. Here is the rest of the books I bought that month and where they stand: 

26. Invincible Iron Man#27 

41. Invincible Iron Man Annual#1 

44. Deadpool#24 

45. Shield#2 

120. Atlas#2 (Why this book doesn’t sell boggles my mind). 

125. Invincible#73 (Another great book that doesn’t sell much). 

182. Turf#2 (See my statements above) 

This is seriously disappointing. Looking at this list makes me weep for the industry. So in the Top 25, we have: 4 Avenger books, 7 Brightest Day books, and 4 X-books. Not a SINGLE indie book among the Top 25. Pathetic. When I say pathetic I’m talking about the people who only buy DC and/or Marvel. Come on already guys! Expand your horizons! Get out of your little bubbles where only you and your “blockbuster” comics reside and try something NEW. 

This month has been unbelievable. It’s been so up-and-down. You get one awesome announcement, then you find out one of your favorite titles is being cancelled, and so on and so forth. There is room for improvement, but it seems as if fanboys don’t want something new. They want the boring same old, same old. I used to be one of these guys. I used to be a total Marvel Zombie. I shunned DC and everybody else when I hadn’t even tried one of their books, but then I heard great reviews of Detective Comics#854, so I decided to give it a try. I did and immediately I was HOOKED on catching up with the goings-on of the DCU and try out other indie books as well. So to all you fanboys out there please try something new. It will make comic collecting so much more fun and enjoyable. 

Thanks for bearing with me and I hope you guys share your thoughts by leaving a comment on this post. I look forward to them 24/7!

UPDATE: Whoops! I forgot to add the link for the top selling comic book chart. CLICK HERE to take a look at it.


The Top 25 Selling Comic Books of April 2010

13 05 2010

  1. Brightest Day#0
  2. Flash#1
  3. Green Lantern#53
  4. Batman and Robin#11
  5. New Avengers#64
  6. Uncanny X-Men#523
  7. Invincible Iron Man#25
  8. Green Lantern Corps#47
  9. Ultimate Comics Avengers 2#1
  10. Thor#609
  11. Justice League of America#44
  12. X-Force#26
  13. Batman#698
  14. X-Men Legacy#235
  15. Image Firsts: Walking Dead#1 (MR)
  16. Captain America#605
  17. Amazing Spider-Man#628
  18. Siege: Captain America#1
  19. Amazing Spider-Man#629
  20. Ultimate Comics Avengers#6
  21. Siege: Spider-Man#1
  22. Mighty Avengers#36
  23. Iron Man Legacy#1
  24. Siege: Loki#1
  25. Ultimate Comics X#2

I have a lot of mixed feelings about this chart. I’m happy that Invincible Iron Man FINALLY made the Top 10. I’m also glad to see GL#53 and GLC#47 are still top sellers. It’s cool to see a $1 Image book up there on the charts. The rest of it I’m a little disappointed in. Some of the things on that chart *coughultimateavengerscough* shouldn’t even be top sellers.

Take a look at the Top 100 selling comic books of April 2010 right here.