Back Issue Comic Book Review: Amazing Spider-Man#500

27 07 2010

Cover art by J. Scott Campbell

Amazing Spider-Man#500

Written by: J. Michael Straczynki

Drawn by: John Romita, Jr. and John Romita, Sr.

Inks by: Scott Hanna

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $3.50 (got my copy for $1)

So last week I ranted about the new issue of Amazing Spider-Man and after that I needed to cleanse my palette, so I read this based on the fact that I’ve liked most of what I’ve read of JMS’ run on ASM. I’m also a sucker for almost anything drawn by John Romita, Jr. I REALLY enjoy his art. So I started reading this and, to me, the story got off to a slow start. Now keep in mind that I haven’t read the issues before this, so that could’ve played into the fact that I thought it started slow. But things quickly moved along quite nicely. Basically Spider-Man, in this issue, is re-fighting his old fights when he first started out. For example, his early fight(s) with Sandman, Doctor Octapus, Electro, Lizard, Vulture and a couple others. He also re-lives that classic scene (and my personal favorite Spider-Man moment) when he lifts the huge piece of machinery to get the ISO-36 to save Aunt May. First of all if you haven’t read that story (in ASM#31-33, don’t worry it’s been reprinted several times) then shame on you. Go read it NOW. Secondly, here is that scene:

Is he strong? Listen bud-- he can lift heavy machinery above his head. But apparently a fat guy can pin him down...

 As someone who grew up reading the reprints of all the classic Spider-Man stories I really enjoyed this book. A lot actually. But to me the best part of the book is the ending. I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t read it yet, but all I can say is that I started to cry a little. This is a great book, especially if you’ve read the classic stories of Spider-Man. We need more Spider-Man stories like these. Oh, what’s that? Dan Slott’s going to take over ASM? Well, it looks like my prayers have been answered!

Rating: B+




4 responses

28 07 2010

While I don’t share your liking of JRjr, I will say that 500th issue was the bomb!!!
Two generations of JR’s and the Scribing of JMS….what can I say? Just an excellent anniversary issue. Seldom am I swayed by sntamentalism, but this comic was one of those times.

BTW I do have that classic issue as well (the reprint that is…….though even it has to be over 20 yrs old or so) And while not being a Spidey fan, or a Ditko fan, I found that 2 be amongst some of the most compelling scenes in mainstream comics ever.

thx 4 posting this

28 07 2010

If This Be My Destiny (ASM#31-33) is one of those stories that if a comic book reader hasn’t read it yet I give them crap about it. If This Be My Destiny is my favorite Spider-Man story and, quite possibly, my favorite comic book story. I think everyone should read it.

Thanks for commenting!

29 07 2010

I forget which issue (for all I know it may have been this one) that had this GREAT COVER were Spider-man is standing in the sewer in front of a circular steel grate that is gushing water.

I love that cover!

30 07 2010

Is it this the one your talking about?

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