Sorry for no ‘real’ new posts today…

16 07 2010

Look familiar?

Sorry for no exciting new posts today. I’m pretty much burnt out after all of the posts I’ve been doing the past few days. I’m going to be busy tomorrow, so there may not be a lot, if any, posts tomorrow. But SDCC is occuring next week and a lot of announcements are made there and a lot of announcements= a lot of new posts and things to talk about. Stay tuned and thanks to everyone who has taken out of their lives to visit my blog. I really appreciate it and your comments and views make working on this blog worthwhile!

In the meantime entertain yourselves with these funny pictures:

Ok... who's the idiot who gave him a lightsaber???


"Where is the rebel base?"


Last I checked I'm pretty sure X-ray vision doesn't fix high heels...




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