My Two Cents: New Creative Teams for Batman, Detective Comics, and Batman and Robin

15 07 2010

Art by Tony Daniel


Recently DC Comics has been heavy on new Bat-News and three announcements caught my interest. Tony Daniel is confirmed as the new writer and artist on BatmanScott Snyder named as the new writer of Detective Comics, and Pete Tomasi and Patrick Gleason are taking over the creative reins of Batman and Robin

The Batman and Robin announcement has me giddy with excitement. I LOVED Pete and Patrick’s run on Green Lantern Corps. Unfortunately we have to wait till November for their run, but I have a feeling it will be worth the wait. I haven’t bought an issue of Batman and Robin on the day it was released since issue#3. Pete Tomasi has had a good amount of experience in the Bat-Universe, so I’m confident in his abilities on writing chores. Patrick’s art is always a treat to look at, so I’m have no worries here. 

Unfortunately Tony Daniel has once again taking over as the writer and artist on Batman. I was not happy with his previous run on Batman and was certainly not impressed with Battle for the Cowl. So this is one thing I won’t be  buying. Sorry, but I won’t be doing any clever reviews for it 😦 Maybe I’ll read it in the store… I am not a fan of Daniel’s art. It’s very inconsistent and his use of shadows is too much and very lazy, since he doesn’t have to draw any features if he just adds a bunch of shadows.  See this picture to see what I mean: 

This is one of the most lazy drawings I've ever seen...


 Yeah… that’s what Mr. Daniel is capable of… 

Anyway, Scott Snyder is going to be the new writer Detective Comics. I have a good feeling about this because I like his stories in American Vampire. I’m actually really excited about this because his stories tend to spook me. No word on who the artist is yet as far as I know, but hopefully it will be a good one. That’s all I really all I have to say about this. Scott begins his run in November. 

Well 2 out of 3 isn’t too bad DC. I look forward to buying Detective Comics and Batman and Robin in November. I also look forward to avoiding Tony Daniel’s Batman. Good times 🙂




3 responses

15 07 2010

im glad they are continuing batman and robin ive thought for years that they needed a book tim drake was too independent he was more a spinoff then a side kick partner

21 07 2010

I’m certainlly no fan of Mr. Daniel’s art, and don’t even get me started with the writing, but the disdain that folks have 4 this guy’s art is astounding. I have
no argument with your asessment of TD’s lack of stengths on a number of things, however the merry go round of mediocre artists out there;
Ken Rockafort draws ppl nearlly as disproportionately as Liefeld
Bill Sienkiewicz does’nt so much draw…as he just throws ink on a page and etches something out.
JRjr…. draws boxey emotionless folks that looks like other boxey emotionless folks………all in all, TD is far from being great or good 4 that matter, but he’s not the pariah of artists either

pardon me 4 goin on a bit, CBdude…just needed 2 get that off my chest
btw I’m glad that u linked me 2 your blog.


21 07 2010

hey no problem! Feel free to express your opinions here! That’s what this blog is about! There are definitely artists that I dislike more than Tony Daniel (i.e. Liefeld, Pat Lee, Greg Horn, Greg Land and a couple others).

I’m about to start my review of ASM#638… stay tuned.

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