It’s a sad day for fans of good comics

13 07 2010

I have just been informed that the Marvel Comics monthly Atlas written by Jeff Parker and drawn by Gabriel Hardman is going to be cancelled at issue#5. So why is it being cancelled? Take a guess…. if you guessed A). It wasn’t selling very well, then you pretty much guessed right! Apparently the total copies sold were in the low 20k area, so Parker decided to pull the trigger on Atlas. Parker said that one of the options he had to boost sales was to create a tie-in for an event. Why does everything need to tie-in to an event at Marvel nowadays? It almost seems mandatory. As much as I’m sad to see this book go, I’m actually kind of glad Parker didn’t force the book to tie-in to an event. It just goes to show you that events sell and creativity doesn’t.

So why do I love the Agents of Atlas so much? Well for one thing all the characters have their own voices. They all have different roles to play, unlike in Bendis’ crappy Avenger books were everyone has the same voice and only the big guns get to do anything special. Secondly, they work together as a team. Do you see teamwork in Bendis’ Avenger books? If you said yes then I suggest you get your eyes checked because they don’t work as a team. All the Avengers do in a Bendis book is talk, eat, get their butts handed to them time and time again, talk, make awful jokes and played-out jokes, eat some more after eating, and talk. Third thing, is all the heroes in Agents of Atlas/Atlas all have morals and reasons to be there. They don’t just say, “Oh, I guess I’ll be on the team if you want me to…” like in that double page splash of Avengers#1(the one that just came out). Fourth thing, I have quickly fallen in love and have deep emotional connections to all the characters in Atlas. In Avengers Forever#4, the last page is the Avengers of the 50s (now known as the Agents of Atlas) appeared I was filled with joy.

So why does this book not sell? I’ll tell you why. Because Marvel shoves all this crap down your throat, such as a million tie-ins to a FIVE ISSUE MINI-SERIES and 5-6 different Avenger books and a billion X-books. So people who work/want to work for Marvel: If you want your book to sell all you have to do is tie it into an event. Simple as that. Also there is going to be an issue of Deadpool Team-Up where Gorilla Man is going to guest star in. Jeff Parker said that the sale numbers for that issue have been pretty good and that he thinks that Gorilla Man was the legs of the Agents of Atlas. I’m sorry, but that’s not the reason it’s selling well. It’s because it’s a Deadpool book. Fanboys can’t get enough Deadpool!

Marvel is CHOKING the industry with all of their glut of books. Not only are they are they choking the industry, but they’re choking you, the fans, the people who give Marvel their precious money. Marvel is slowly pushing me away from them. I’d be more than happy to not buy anything from them, but fortunately for them they have good books like Atlas, Invincible Iron Man, and Shield. I want books that challenge me and books that get me emotionally invested in the characters. I want to CARE for the characters. I want to get more than just visceral thrills. I want to expand my horizons, but unfortunately it seems that fanboys don’t want any of that. By fanboys I mean the kind of people who will yell at you if you disagree with them and the ones that NEED their variant edition of Deadpool Corps bagged and boarded at 10 AM.

All I know is that when Atlas is gone…. I’ll need my Jeff Parker fix, dangit!

This is a day where fanboys truly, truly suck.

Agents of Atlas… I’ll miss you.

To read the article that informed me of this tragedy, CLICK HERE.




6 responses

13 07 2010

I’ve also learned that I’m absolutely SICK of continual ranting. It’s seriously draining me right now…

I also almost spelled “learned” as “lurned” before I caught the mistake.

13 07 2010

I’ve also learned that I should really pay attention to what account I’ve logged into.

I’m so tired right now…

14 07 2010

I have a NEW FOUND RESPECT for Bloggers now, comicbookdude. I used to think it all looked so easy. 🙂

14 07 2010

I’m telling you, Insideman, it’s a chore to do work on my blog on top of everything else in my life. At the same time it’s also worth the time I spend on this knowing that people read, comment on, and like my posts.

Thanks for taking your time to leave a comment!

14 07 2010

Nice post Dude.

14 07 2010

Thanks Tom!

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